Identifying Pole Display Components

  1. Display panel with USB power cable - displays custom welcome messagesin blue-green fluorescent color
  2. Support poles (3)- supports and adjusts the height of the display panel
  3. Base - stand for the Pole Display in weighted rectangle base or space saving round mini-base
  4. Rubber feet - prevents movement of the Pole Display on the work surface
  5. Cable clip - secures the USB cable to the work surface

Assembling the Pole Display

  1. Place the base of the Pole Display on a flat surface.

    The Pole Display can be assembled with the weighted rectangle base or the space saving round mini-base. If using the round mini-base, assemble the support poles and display panel as described in Steps 1 through 6, then secure the round base to your work surface with the screws provided in the kit.

  2. Position the notched end of one of the support poles into the hole of the base. Press down until the pole locks in place.
  3. Position the second support pole onto the first support pole by aligning the notch on the polecolumn with the pin hole on the first support pole, then press the poles together until they lock.Repeat this procedure to install the third support pole (optional for additional height).
  4. Holding the display panel above the support poles, thread the USB cable attached to the display panel down and through the support poles and out from the base.
  5. After threading the cable down the support poles, attach the display panel to the support poles. Align the notch on the display panel with the pin hole on the support pole then press together until the display panel locks into the support pole.
  6. Place the USB cable that is extending from the base of the Pole Display through one of the convenient cable holes on the base.
  7. If using the round mini-base, position the assembled Pole Display with the base attached to your desired location on the work surface. Using the two screws provided in the kit, drill a screw into each screw hole in the base until it is secured to the surface.
  8. Use the cable clip holder provided in the kit to secure the cable in place. Peel the paper liner from the clip and press the sticky side onto the work surface near the Pole Display. Insert the cable into the holder.
  9. Use the rubber feet (on rectangle base only) provided in the kit to prevent damage to the work surface and movement of the equipment. Peel the paper liner from the rubber feet and place the sticky surface on the bottom side of the base.

    If you need to detach the support poles, gently bend the poles at the connection seam, then pull the poles apart.

Connecting to the POS Computer

  1. Plug the Pole Display’s USB cable (1) into a USB port on the POS computer.
  2. Press the power switch (2) on the display panel to turn it on.

Installing the Drivers

The HP Point of Sale System Software and DocumentationCD includes Windows Device Manager drivers.

  1. Turn on the POS computer.
  2. Insert the HP Point of Sale System Software and DocumentationCD into the CD or DVD drive on the POS computer.
  3. Read and Accept the End User License Agreement. The main menu will display.
  4. On the main menu, click HP Pole Display.
  5. Select and install the Windows Device Manager drivers.

    For directions on setting up your pole display in MicroBiz, head over to Setting Up Cash Drawer and Pole Display