Hardware Settings - "Cash Drawer" Tab


If you have already set up your hardware using the Setup Wizard, you may skip this section.

                                                    Figure 3-16

Activate Cash Drawer (A)
Do NOT check this box unless you actually have a cash drawer attached. Otherwise, after you ring an invoice, the system will produce an error message! This is caused by the system attempting to use a function that is not available.

Allow C To Open Cash Drawer From Work Screen (W)
Check this box if you want to be able to use the letter C and <enter> to open the cash drawer from the Work Screen. This function can be password protected under the security settings of the system.

Open Cash Drawer For Checks (K)
Enable this option if you want the cash drawer to open when accepting checks.

Open Cash Drawer For Credit Card Receipts (T)
Enable this option if you want the cash drawer to open when accepting credit cards.

Open Cash Drawer For Debit Card Receipts (D)
Enable this option if you want the cash drawer to open when accepting debit cards.

Do Not Open For $0.00
If this option is checked, the cash drawer will not open if a transaction is processed with a total of $0.00.

Intelligent Type

Check this if your cash drawer connects to a parallel port or to a printer that connects to a parallel port. Once checked, the "Non-Intelligent" configuration area will be replaced with one corresponding to the "Intelligent" type cash drawers. The default settings here are usually fine. If your receipt printer is on a parallel port other than LPT1, you should change the setting here. For changing other settings, please contact MicroBiz Technical Support. Press the "Test Open Cash Drawer" button to see if your settings are working.

Non-Intelligent Drawers

These are your typical RS232 (serial) type cash drawers. They connect directly to the serial port and do not have pass-through capability. Do not "check" the intelligent cash drawer box if you use one of these. Fill in the parameters as shown below. After you fill in the boxes, click on the "Open drawer" button to see if it works. The reason that we have the Pulse and Width variables is that different manufacturers use parts of a different sensitivity requiring some drawers to open with longer and wider signals than others.


If your drawer opens when the computer system is turned off and you would prefer not to have that happen, there are cash drawers that have a special option available to prevent it. Please contact MicroBiz sales department for more detailed information.


Pass-Through capability

Some drawers have a panel on the back to which you can connect a variety of serial or parallel devices. These drawers are configurable so that they only open for a very special type of signal. You might want one of these drawers if you have lots of devices you are trying to attach to the back of the computer (such as pole displays or other serial devices). Please contact MicroBiz sales department for additional information or to purchase this type of cash drawer.

Hardware Settings - "Pole Display" Tab


                                               Figure 3-17

Activate Pole Display (A)
Do NOT check the "Activate Pole Display" box unless you are using one with MicroBiz.

Serial Port
Enter the COM port (1-4) that is in use by your pole display.

Use MicroBiz Default/Windows Communications Settings
The default setting for this is usually fine. Only change this setting if instructed to do so by a MicroBiz Support Technician.

Display Serial Communications Error Messages (D)
This option is used for troubleshooting and should be left off for normal use.

Pole Message #1/2
Place any message in this text box that you desire for your customers to see when they are at the counter. You might want to use this for promotions, sales, etc.

Display SKU And/Or Description
You can choose whether you want the pole display to show item descriptions only, or descriptions along with the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).

Character Prefix
Certain pole displays need this filled in. The Logic Controls pass-through model requires a prefix, so the unit can differentiate between what it is supposed to display and what not. See the manufacturer's manual for details.

Test Pole Display
Click this button to see if your message appears on the pole display (for testing purposes).