Please keep in mind that by default, the manual entry is disabled in the BLOCKCHYP website. 

If you are planning to use Card Manual Entry in your payment terminal the option must be enabled calling to the Blockchyp support line or using your Blockchyp dashboard Please check this link to enable the card manual entry at the Blockchyp website

The next steps applies when the Manual Entry is enabled. 

1.- Proceed with your transaction as usual in MicroBiz and when this screen comes in the payment terminal please press the green button in the numeric keyboard.

2.- Now the payment terminal is ready to receive the card info using the numeric keyboard. On this screen just enter the card number using the numeric keyboard and press the green button 

3.- Enter the card expiration date using the numeric keyboard in format MM/YY and press the green button. 

4.- Enter the card CVV code using the numeric keyboard and press the green button. 

5.- When it finish, you will see the message “Authorizing” on the screen. If all is correct it will say “Approved” otherwise you will receive an error message on the screen.