Step by Step how connect a Dejavoo Z9 terminal to Internet:

  1. Press OK to access the Menu
  2. Enter Password 1234
  3. Select Utility
  4. Password:1234
  5. Select Communications
  6. Select Local Parms
  7. Select Wi-Fi
  8. Select Scan
  9. Find and select the merchant’s WiFi
  10. Select Configure
  11. Select Set Password
  12. Enter Password (Case sensitive)
  13. Press OK
  14. Press the Red cancel button
  15. Select Connect
  16. Once you see Disconnect, the terminal is connected to WiFi
  17. Use the Red button to exit out to the main menu
  18. Or… Just use this handy dandy link for a video on how to connect to WiFi

Other option might be just follow the steps on this link