We switched the labels on our Zebra ZD420 printer from standard 2.25 by 1.25 inch to a 4 by 6 in label and now the  the label image prints across multiple labels or no longer prints at all. How can we correct this?


Make sure that a stock template has been created within the printer driver for the particular size label that you are using and is set for that stock template.

If still experiencing the same issue, you could try a manual calibration:

Instructional video for manual media calibration of the ZD420 may be found on the following Web page

No time to watch a video? 

Here are the steps:

Press pause for 2 seconds

All lights will start to flash yellow

Status indicator (far left) will turn solid yellow

When it does, press pause again

The pause indicator (2 vertical lines) will flash

When it does, open the printer and remove approx 3 inches of labels

Place the liner where the labels were removed directly above the sensor

Close the printer and press pause once

First, the media indicator will begin to flash, then the pause indicator will begin to flash.

When it does, open the printer once more.

Manually move the labels so that a label is located directly above the sensor.

Close the printer

Press pause once

The printer will advance and measure several labels

When the labels stop advancing, it may be necessary to press pause one more time to get the printer back to a ready state with a green status indicator.