We already solve this problem in v 16.2.6

basically the problem was this:

v16.0 released a new way of saving pictures to the system. The idea was that any MicroBiz station could update a customer or item picture and this would then be saved in the Business\Images\ <Items or Customer> folder depending on what was being modified.

The UNC Path was then supposed to be set to call this item from any station.

This is no longer working as tested in early versions of v16.0

When running from a workstation and placing this station into a Training Mode, you can see that from the attached pictures this is still showing the UNC Path being used for these pictuers but no longer being used for live mode saving of an item.

However, fix the code solved the problem for new items pictures but not for old pictures already saved. What we need to do is fix the path in product.dbf

Please be sure that no one is using MicroBiz also that all images are saved in Business\IMAGES\ITEMS 

1.- Open MicroBiz command window

2.- Type FOX_USE("product") + ENTER


4.- Type REPLACE ALL product.image WITH "\IMAGES\ITEMS"+JUSTFNAME(product.image) FOR !EMPTY(product.image)  + ENTER

5.- Type close data + ENTER

6.- close the command window


Run a Product Clean and Pack after finish