I am getting an error when trying to run a closeout in MicroBiz. It says Memory File is Invalid - Line 14. The closeout does not complete 100% and says after getting the error that there were problems during closeout and reverts back to the way it was prior to running a closeout.

How can I fix this error so I can run a closeout?


Verify if your run Finance Charges in the system.  Go to Management | Custom System Settings | Transaction Settings | Finance Charges and see if Finance Charges is enabled and/or the percentage to charge is set to something other than 0.00

If 0.00 or the Finance Charges is not enabled complete the following below:
-Close MicroBiz and look into the Business folder for a file called FTOTFIN.MEM and rename/move/delete this file. If you cannot find the Business folder reopen MicroBiz and go to Management | Custom System Settings | File Data Path Settings and this will Identify where your Business folder is located.

Re-open MicroBiz after renaming the file FTOTFIN.MEM or if you moved it or deleted it.
Try running your Closeout once again.