How to do a Physical Inventory with CipherLAB 8200

Scan Inventory on the Cipher 8200

  1. From the 8200 main menu select the collect data option.

  1. Now you can start scanning items.

    1. If you have the basic inventory application loaded then you can scan each item one at a time or you can scan the item and enter the quantity then scan the next item.

    2. If you have the inventory with lookup application loaded then you can scan the items just like how you do with the basic inventory application but now you can see the descriptions and current on-hand of the items in your inventory.

    3. Vendor and department can be added to the lookup table but is optional.

Export Inventory onto Your Computer

  1. Once you are done scanning all of the items for inventory then you can escape to the main menu and select Upload Data.

  1. Now you can go into your CipherLAB 8200 folder located on your local disk C: drive and open the Export folder.

  2. Run the Data_Read utility.

  3. Select the COM port that you noted down when you installed the 8200 and leave everything else to default.

  1. Click OK on the Data_Read utility.

  2. After the download is complete it will give you the total number of records downloaded and then just click OK.

Import Inventory File into MicroBiz

  1. Exit to the MicroBiz Main Menu and select Tools > MicroTrak > Import Data.

  2. Select the CSV option and fields to import and select the inventory quantity handling the way you want the inventory to import.

  1. Select import and browse to C:\CipherLAB 8200\Export\

  2. Now select the file that you have just exported and click Import. The file format is as follows:

  1. It will display how many items it has retrieved then click OK.

  2. If you want to see an exception report then click Yes, otherwise click No.

  3. Now it will ask if you want to finalize and proceed to update inventory. If you believe everything is correct then click Yes, otherwise you can click No and start the import process over.

Useful Options During Inventory

  1. While scanning items you can escape back to the main menu and go to utilities.

  1. Here are the list of important options that will help you with inventory. Program Settings

Backlight: Turn the backlight on or off and change the duration it's on if you are in a dark room.

Set Data Delete: You can setup if all of the data on the 8200 with automatically delete when you export the data.

Entry Options: This with either prompt you the total count number or display the current record being saved. If you set it to no prompt then there will not be a delay between scans.

Buzzer: From here you can change the sound options to your preference. For example you can turn off the keypad sounds by going to key click and selecting mute.

Browse Data

Data file: Browse all of the current scans made to the 8200. 

You can also edit and delete individual items from this list. 1st lookup file: Browse all of the current lookup information. (Note that the data might not be easily readable.)

Delete Data

Data file: Only remove information from the scan you have collected. You have a choice of just removing the last scan or everything you've scanned.

1st lookup file: Remove the lookup tables. All files: Remove everything from the 8200.

Set Date/Time

Set the current date/time that is displayed on the device.

Memory and Power

Check how much memory you have left if you are loading large lookup tables.