This setup window will allow you to configure your X-Charge integrated credit/debit/gift card processing, as well as your MicroBiz Station ID. There are a few options that aren't covered here, which should only be changed with the aid of a MicroBiz Support Technician. MicroBiz offers free phone support (no support contract needed) for credit card related technical issues for X-Charge users.

MicroBiz version 15 integrates with X-Charge using the "ExpressLink" method. This is a more secure method of processing credit/debit cards that requires X-Charge version 7.1.6 and above in order to function correctly.


Figure 3-22

Credit Card Equivalent Settings
By default, this option will be set to US. Canadian users can choose "Canada/Int'l" to enable support of the Verifone SC5000 PIN pad device.

Canadian Debit processing requires a specific account created through X-Charge and the use of the VeriFone SC 5000 PIN pad.

X-Charge ExpressLink User ID/Password
By default, the User ID/Password is set to POS/MBZX. These settings are available to match those in the X-Charge Security setup so you are not prompted to enter the user/password each time a credit or debit card transaction is processed from MicroBiz. If X-Charge is configured to use a different user/password (or none at all), these settings can be changed as needed.

Activate X-Charge Credit Authorization
Enable this option to turn X-Charge integration on. With this option unchecked, MicroBiz will still allow you to accept credit card sales, but they must be processed outside of MicroBiz (using a standalone terminal, for example) as well.

Activate Gift Card Authorization
Enable this option to integrate X-Charge gift card processing with MicroBiz. The "Gift Card Transactions Path" to the X-Charge transaction folder must be entered below to complete integration with X-Charge.

Activate Debit Card Authorization
Enable this option to integrate debit card processing (ATM, where the customer enters their PIN code) with X-Charge. The "Debit Card Device" (large button in the lower-right) must be configured for debit card transactions.

Autoprocess X-Charge/ExpressLink
With this option enabled, the credit/debit card transaction will automatically transmit once the card has been swiped. If this option is not enabled, the "F12 Process" button (on the X-Charge window) must be pressed before the credit/debit card transaction is processed.

Seconds to wait before calling ExpressLink
This determines the delay before the X-Charge window is opened to process the credit/debit card. The default value is 2 and should only be changed if suggested by a support technician.

Station ID
Click the Browse Station IDs button to get a list of currently connected MicroBiz workstations. You can manually enter a unique numerical Station ID using up to 5 digits here.

Gift Card Transactions Path
This is only needed when integrating gift cards with X-Charge. Enter the path to the X-Charge transaction folder here.

Debit Card Device
The currently enabled PIN pad device will be displayed on the large button here. You can click this button to select and/or configure your PIN pad device to be used with X-Charge debit card processing.