Hardware Settings - "Coin Changer (Telequip)" Tab

The MicroBiz Business Controller can integrate with the Telequip Change Machine. This implementation was designed and tested on Telequip Coin Changer equipment from Telequip Corporation using their propriety serial interface controls.


Figure 3-19

 To set up the Telequip Coin Changer in MicroBiz, follow these steps:

  1. Attach the coin changer to COM 1 (recommended) on your computer.
  2. Under Management, Customize, Hardware Settings.
    1. Click on the Telequip Coin Changer tab
    2. Click on "Activate Coin Changer"
  3. Set the coin changer 's configuration to serial port 1, baud, parity, stop bit and data bits. As of this writing, the following specs are pre-set by Telequip:

      • Parity: Even
      • Stop Bits: 1
      • Data Bits: 7

    1. The only other settings needed would be the port (1) and the baud (9600) for the Telequip Coin Changer.
  4. To test the coin changer, enter the "change due" and then click "Test Coin Changer."

Troubleshooting the Telequip Coin Changer
If you get an "OLE" or "ActiveX Control" error message while trying to use the coin changer, you will need to register the Coin Dispenser Control. To do this, run the following command:

  1. Copy the file COIN.OCX (from the DLLs folder on your MicroBiz installation CD, or in the DLLs folder in your MBZInstaller directory) to C:\Windows\System32
  2. Go to the command prompt or "Run" window and type:
    • REGSVR32 C:\Windows\System32\Coin.OCX

If you did not copy the Coin Control to the Windows System directory, substitute the correct directory name into the above statement.

Hardware Settings - "Magnetic Swipe Devices" Tab


  Figure 3-20 

If you are using a Magnetic Card Reader that is HID-compliant (such as the MagTek 21040102), then the protected swipe data feature can be enabled with the option found here.