Figure 3-17

Activate Pole Display (A)
Do NOT check the "Activate Pole Display" box unless you are using one with MicroBiz.

Serial Port
Enter the COM port (1-4) that is in use by your pole display.

Use MicroBiz Default/Windows Communications Settings
The default setting for this is usually fine. Only change this setting if instructed to do so by a MicroBiz Support Technician.

Display Serial Communications Error Messages (D)
This option is used for troubleshooting and should be left off for normal use.

Pole Message #1/2
Place any message in this text box that you desire for your customers to see when they are at the counter. You might want to use this for promotions, sales, etc.

Display SKU And/Or Description
You can choose whether you want the pole display to show item descriptions only, or descriptions along with the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).

Character Prefix
Certain pole displays need this filled in. The Logic Controls pass-through model requires a prefix, so the unit can differentiate between what it is supposed to display and what not. See the manufacturer's manual for details.

Test Pole Display
Click this button to see if your message appears on the pole display (for testing purposes).