This setup window contains the various settings used to manage the "Gas Module." Only change these settings if you are using a Service module and use MicroBiz to sell gas. To sell gas from the Work Screen, type G in the SKU box.

Print Gas Invoice (1)
If you disable this feature then you won't be able to print invoices for gas transactions, unless you enable Enter Gas on Work Orders as well.

Print Headings On Gas Invoice (2)
Leave this on if you want your company information to appear as a "header" on the gas invoice.

Number Of Lines To Feed After Gas Invoice
You can change this figure if you desire more or less space on your gas receipt.


Figure 3-14a

Do Gas Closeout After Regular Closeout (4)
By default, your gas sales will be included with everything else when you process your Closeout. If you check this box then your gas sales will be separate, and you will do a separate Closeout once your regular Closeout is complete.

Enter Price & Quantity When Selling Gas (5)
If left unchecked, you will simply enter the total price for the gas sale. If you would like to enter a gas price and gallons purchased (so MicroBiz will calculate the total for you), then enable this option.

Enter Gallons On Gas Receipts (6)
Similar to the above feature.

Enter Gas On Work Orders (7)
Check this box if you would like the option to load gas sales to your regular Work Screen. Beware that gas sales on the Work Screen may accidentally be charged tax!