Figure 3-13

ZIP/Postal Code Format
The default setting after initially installing for ZIP code format is "other". Here you can set your ZIP code format and expand the database field from 5 characters to as many characters as needed.

Credit Card Setting
Change your credit card settings based on where you do business.

Enable Multi-Currency
This allows you to elect a primary currency and a secondary currency as payment tender. This would be applicable if, for instance, a company in Argentina has it's primary currency (Pesos) set as the number one choice and also accepted U.S. Dollars as it's secondary tender. The system would automatically use a conversion table to allow use of both types of tender. The conversion table can be configured by clicking the Currencies button on this screen.
To set up the Multi-Currency capability, place a check mark in the "Enable Multi-Currency" box. This opens the process to set up your desired Multi-Currency formula. Using our example of Argentina, select the Argentine Pesos as the "Home Currency" by clicking on the number "1" button and selecting Argentina. The "Home Currency" option specifies the MicroBiz default currency. Changing this setting will effect how all prices, costs, etc. will be displayed in your system.
If a currency other than the U.S. Dollar is set as the Home Currency, all inventory items must be priced (cost and retail) as this tender type.

Select the "Default Tender 1" currency as the first accepted form of payment. This should almost always be the same setting as the Home Currency. At the present time the system will only handle two forms of tender for payment purposes.
If you need to change to a different tender for payment at the end of a sale, press the space bar on the keyboard to bring forth the screen for changing to the "Default Tender 1" tender type.
If Multi-Currency is being used within the system, at the time of closing the sale (receipt), both types of tender may be accepted for payment. A partial payment may be made in the Default Tender 1 Currency and the balance in the Default Tender 2. Currency conversion is automatic and the conversion rate is displayed on the receipt process window.