Profit margins, price schemes and some other settings regarding how MicroBiz handles your prices are all set up here. 

Figure 3-12

Automatically Set Prices To Match Margins
When this box is checked, the program will automatically calculate the prices for different levels based on the cost of the product and on the margin that you set in the table found in this area. Please note that this may require several tests upon the part of the user to establish the appropriate price increase based on margins desired.

Recalculate Price From Margin On Receive
Uncheck this option if you want to establish your prices based on the margins based on the original data entered. With this option enabled, MicroBiz will recalculate the prices based on updated cost info upon receiving more of an item.

When Loading IIPs, Update Prices Based On Current Product Prices
When Loading Quotes, Update Prices Based On Current Product Prices
When loading IIPs or Quotes, update prices based on current product prices. If you keep Quotes or IIP's in your system for any length of time, your product prices may change. This feature will automatically check the prices of the items of a Quote or IIP and update them if they have changed. You can set a grace period for this feature, so that a customer has 30 days, 90 days, etc. to buy at the quoted price regardless of price changes.

When Loading IIPs, Update Cost Based On Current Product Cost
Same idea as above, but this applies to the item's cost. This is a good feature to use in conjunction with the previous one, as it will help keep your profit margins accurate.

Enable Price Schemes Mix & Match
Items with both promo and price schemes assigned to them can cause the total to calculate incorrectly when loaded to the Work Screen with other items that are also assigned to the same price schemes. If you notice this is a problem, enabling this option should fix this for you.

Enable SKU Consolidation
With this option enabled, multiple quantities of an item will only take up one line on the Work Screen (and therefore, if edited, will all share the same properties). If you would like every item to appear as a separate line (and be able to edit each item individually), regardless of how many items are loaded, then you should disable this feature.