This setup screen contains the Command Window, as well as some general security settings.


Figure 3-10

Validate Clerk's Initials
The program always asks for initials when entering the Work Screen. If this box is checked, the program will check the entered initials against the employee list. If the initials are not in the employee list then you will not be able to access the Work Screen.

Carry Security Level Through After Initial Signon (2)
If this box is checked, the program will ask you for a user name and password as soon as you enter the program. It will then let you into password protected areas without putting up a password screen, if you have a high enough security level to get into those areas. If the security level of a function is a smaller number than the user's security level, the program will ask for a password, even if "Carry Security Level Through" is checked.

Always Require Customer At F9 Invoice (5)
Check this option if you want all MicroBiz users to be forced to load a customer before ringing anything up. With this option unchecked, you can still load a customer to the Work Screen, but it will not be required in most cases.

Require Customer For Credit Card Transactions (A)
If you are not requiring your MicroBiz users to load a customer before each sale, but you would like to track customers who use credit cards, then make sure this option is turned on. This will make it easier to get in touch with a credit card customer, should anything go wrong.

Require Customer For Debit Card Transactions (B)
With this option enabled, MicroBiz will require a customer loaded to the Work Screen before the Debit Card tender option is available. As with the Credit Card option above, this is useful if you are not requiring a customer to be loaded for all transactions by default.

Split Add/Edit Security To Add And Edit (6)
Checking this box will create a Security Level setting for the ability to edit products.

Command Window
Brings you to the Visual FoxPro Command Window (Figure 3-11). In this window, you can perform various FoxPro commands and view the databases used in the program. This option will only prove useful to those knowledgeable in the workings of Visual FoxPro. Making changes to the structure of MicroBiz database formats can render your system inoperable.

The command window should always be used with caution! It can be a very powerful tool for good OR ill, depending on how it is used. Make sure to back up your data before making any serious changes to your data from here!


Figure 3-11

In addition, since changes to the databases can be made from this window, it is highly recommended that this option be password protected with a high level of security. You can browse the fields in a DBF table by going to the Command Window and typing:
You can also modify certain invoices and reports from the Command Window. It is strongly recommended that you make a backup before using the Command Window, as a single keystroke can alter your data.