This setup screen contains some additional transaction settings.


Figure 3-9

Point And Select Options
This pertains to the options available to the user when at the Work Screen and selecting their customers. Choosing the Name, Company or Phone would allow the customer list to be presented in that order when pressing F8 on the keyboard or clicking the F8 button with the mouse.

Automatically Prompt For Name, Company or Phone
Based on your selection of name, company or phone, placing a check mark here will cause that field will be highlighted for a search when the customer list is presented. Each workstation may be set up separately.

Display Price Level
If you like to see the price level of each customer at F8, set your authorized distributors to price level B. If you need to find a distributor in a particular area, this can be helpful. By placing a check mark here, each time a customer is pulled to the Work Screen, their established price level will be presented to the clerk.

Display Indicator For Purchase Level
See which are your best customers, set a purchase threshold under "Minimum Amount to Trigger Display." If the customer has purchased more than that, a $ will display next to the customer's price level, if you have selected to show their price level.

Use Customizable Browse
If checked, this allows the user to select the fields available when viewing customer information.

Show Add/Remove Column Buttons
If you have checked off "Use Customizable Browse?" then this is a nice feature to enable as well. It allows the user to add or remove fields from the viewing screen when viewing customer information.

Minimum Amount To Trigger Display
This is the purchase threshold mentioned in the above for "Display Indicator…" and should be filled out if that option is enabled.

Allow Permanent Price Changes At F6
At the Work Screen, you can change a price with the F6 key (which can be password protected). If you would like the option of making the price change permanent, then check this box. For single owner/operators or family owned businesses, this can be handy to use. Also, when setting up your store, you might set this feature on.

Allow Permanent Description Changes At F6
This functions the same as the permanent price change above but applies to the description field of an inventory item.

Allow Cost Times Percent Change At F6
Allows you to do permanent changes by multiplying cost times percentage.

Calculate Two- and Three-fers Automatically
If you want these to calculate automatically, check this box. If you want only your clerks to apply a special price, leave it unchecked.

Note Alternate Payment Type As
This allows you to add a method of payment to the final transaction screen. Whatever you enter here will be an option at the F9 screen when you finalize a sale. You may use this for coupons, gift certificates, employee vouchers, etc.

Note Debit Card Name As
This allows you to change the display name of the "Debit Card" payment type. This payment type will integrate with X-Charge for debit card transactions if enabled under Management, Customize, Credit/Debit Card Settings. If you are not using this feature, then you can rename this payment type to anything you want, which gives you a total of two customizable payment types.

Warn When Selling On Hand < Sale Quantity
Enabling this feature will make MicroBiz alert you when you are attempting to sell more of an item then you have in your current inventory. Leave this setting off if you are not tracking inventory with MicroBiz.

Allow Sale When Quantity = 0
Some business owners don't want the clerk to be able to sell an item if the on-hand inventory quantity equals zero. Having this checked will bring to the attention of the clerk that the physical inventory of the item is different than the MicroBiz database. This alerts management to discrepancies.

Allow Sale Of Committed Quantity
If you have committed items, meaning items that are already in an IIP/WIP and someone walks to the counter with the item in hand for purchase, checking this box will flag management that their inventory has not been set aside for committed items. If you process large amounts of IIPs or WIPs you should place a check mark in this box. Note that this setting can only be changed if "Warn when selling on hand…" is also enabled.

Recalculate Prices Based On Customer
If you use different price levels (price B, price C, etc.) for customers, you must check this feature. If this is not checked then all customers will be charged at price level A, regardless of what price level has been established for various customers.

Apply Discount To All Customer Levels
If a customer already has preferred pricing (that is, they are price level B, C, D or E), and a discount is given at the Work Screen, do you want that discount to be applied in addition to their preferred pricing? If you leave this unchecked, then the system will apply either the discount that you selected off of price level A, or their regular preferred pricing (whichever is better, but not both).

Do Not Recalculate Manually Entered Prices
If checked, will not re-calculate inventory item prices based on discount and/or customer level pricing.

Should Discount Be Applied To Suggested List Price Or Customer Level Price (S / D)
Do you want a discount that you give to a customer at the Work Screen to be off the suggested list price for the item, or off of the customer's price level (price levels A, B, etc.)?

  • If you want it to apply to the suggested list price set for the item(s), enter the letter S.
  • If you want the discount to apply to the customer's price level, enter the letter D.
    • If you enter D, ensure that "Recalculate Prices Based On Customer" is also checked, and always remember to load the customer after the items and discount to correctly calculate the discount.

To ensure that discounts are calculated correctly, it is important to load things to the Work Screen in a certain order.

  • If using the "S" option, make sure that you load the items to the Work Screen before you load the customer. When applying a discount at the Work Screen by typing "D" into the SKU box, make sure that "Add discount on top of current discount" is not checked.
  • If using the "D" option, make sure that "Recalculate prices based on customer" is checked. When at the Work Screen, make sure that you load the customer before you load the items. Again, when applying a discount at the Work Screen by typing "D", make sure that "Add discount on top…" is not checked.

If a customer has a discount level set (under the Account tab in the Edit a Customer window) then this discount percentage will only apply when "D" is set here.

Allow Reset Of Invoice Number
If you want to reset your invoice number - do so, but be careful. The MicroBiz system automatically assigns sequential invoice numbers. This box should never be checked unless you have a positive control over your invoice assignment processes. You may seriously damage your system if you try to apply your own invoice numbers without proper control.
Some business owners like to increase their invoice number each month, so their clients will think they are much busier. The maximum invoice number in MicroBiz is 999,999.

If you reset the invoice number to a number close to one million, you may run out of invoice numbers. If you fear this is about to happen, please contact MicroBiz Technical Support for assistance with expanding your invoice number capacity.

Show Customer Balance On Work Screen
Check this box if you would like a customer's balance due amount to be reflected on the Work Screen each time a customer is loaded.

Check Credit Limit During Invoicing
As each item is entered on the Work Screen, the system will see if that item PLUS the other items on the Work Screen PLUS the balance due is greater than the customer's credit limit. The system has a feature that allows checking of an established credit limit for each customer.

Note Clerk As
"Clerk" is the default title established in the MicroBiz system. If you would prefer a different term such as "Tech", then enter that term here.

Recalculate Customer Balance Due at F8
Checking this option will cause MicroBiz to update the customer's balance information every time a customer is loaded. This helps keep the balance due information accurate.

Pop-Up Items When Work Screen Grid Is Clicked
If this option is turned on you can open the Product Lookup window (normally accessed by clicking or pressing F3) by simply clicking on the main "grid" portion of the Work Screen.

Show/Report Discounts from Suggested Price
With this checked, the Suggested List Price will be displayed along with the Price (Level A) and the % discount between the two. Uncheck this option if you would only like the Work Screen to display the price that will actually be charged.

  • Enable this option if you are using an invoice type that displays discount information on the receipt (that is, if you want it to display this information).

Only use this option when "Should discount be applied..." is set to "D."

Allow modifications of IIP Entry Clerk
Enabled by default, this option can be disabled to disallow users from editing the Clerk ID while creating IIPs.

Clear customer after each payment posting
If unchecked, MicroBiz will no longer close the Post window after posting a payment.