Windows Settings

On each MicroBiz workstation, this window (Figure 3-2) allows you to specify the location of where files are stored and the Station ID (used for machines utilizing X-Charge credit card processing software). It is very important to make sure these settings are correct.

Station ID
This is only a display window, as changes to the Station ID are made in the Credit/Debit Card Settings window. Each station must have a unique Station ID.

System Files Path
This is the folder where data files are maintained. If the installation is for a single user (1 machine), the System Files Path default should be C:\Business. If the installation is for a multi-user setup (2 or more machines), the Server (main machine) default will be C:\Business, and each Workstation (client) will be whatever drive letter is mapped to the Server, i.e. M:\Business.

Figure 3-2

Local Files Path
This is the folder where the MicroBiz program is installed and local settings/temporary files are kept. This folder is C:\BizWin by default on all machines, unless it has been changed following a normal installation.

It is advised that you use a dedicated server for three or more users.