This utility should be used on a regular basis to ensure that your files are kept current. Running "All Files Above" at least once a month is recommended. The Reindex feature will update your .CDX (index) files and the Clean & Pack feature will update your .DBF (data) files. Aside from regular use, you can run a Clean & Pack any time you feel that your records might be incorrect.


Figure 18-2

This process can be performed for specific types of files individually or altogether. To run a Reindex/Clean & Pack:

  1. From the Main Menu, choose Tools | Reindex/Clean and Pack, etc.
  2. Choose the routine desired: Customers, Product, History, Miscellaneous, or All Files Above.

Before running any of these routines, it is advised that all other instances of MicroBiz be closed first. Depending on your computer and the amount of data used by MicroBiz, this process can take several minutes or even, in rare circumstances, hours. DO NOT INTERRUPT THE CLEAN & PACK PROCESS! This could cause serious database corruption.

For this reason, it is advised that this process be performed at a time when the system is not going to be used for ringing sales, receiving inventory, etc. It's a good idea to try this process out at such a time before you need it, to establish a baseline of the time required by your system.