The Bike Shop Controller incorporates many of the features of the service modules, plus a few extra ones. For information on Unit Records, please see the section "Using Units" under the Standard Service Module above.
With the correct Keyblock, this module is selected at installation. A Bike installation is required as a special "BikeWin" Local Files path is created and used for this module.

If you have multiple workstations, it is important to only use one module at a time. If you select the Bike module on one workstation, make sure to do the same on all of your other workstations too!


Figure 16-8

Assembly Status
Inventory items can be stored in this module as "assembled" or "unassembled" for the purpose of more accurate tracking. MicroBiz will track the total on hand quantity, and the assembled quantity is stored as a part of this total.

To set an item as "May Require Assembly":

  1. From the Main Menu, choose Inventory | Add/Edit Inventory.
  2. Select the desired inventory item and choose Edit.
  3. From the Stock tab, check the option for "May Require Assembly."
    • The field "Available Assembled" is now available.
  4. Enter the assembled quantity in the Available Assembled Field.
    • This quantity is not to exceed the total quantity listed under "Qty In Stock." The difference between these two figures is the unassembled quantity.
  5. Click on the Update button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

Once an item is set to "May Require Assembly," you will be prompted to choose Assembled or Unassembled when loading the item to the Front Register (Figure 16-9). If the item is sold as unassembled, only the "Qty In Stock" will be affected. If the item is sold as assembled, both the "Qty In Stock" and the "Available Assembled" quantity will be affected and you will have the additional option of entering a "Bike Tag."

Figure 16-9

The Bike Tag will be shown on the invoice and in Customer History. The assembly status is noted on the Front Register under the "As" column as "A" for Assembled or "U" for Unassembled. Items saved to a Work In Progress (WIP) retain their assembly status, and there is a report available to show WIPs along with the assembly status of each item. To view this report:

  1. From the Main Menu, choose Reports | Product Reports | Assembled/Unassembled.
  2. Choose the desired option from the Select Destination screen and your report will be loaded.

Bike Controller Front Register

There are a few extra features available on the Front Register for the Bike module.

Figure 16-10

  • The "As" column, as noted above, displays the assembly status of each item loaded to the Front Register.
  • The bike icon shown above will load the Bike-alog (see section below), if available.
  • The WIP and Layaway features can be accessed by their respective buttons at the bottom of the Front Register.

Bike Controller Invoices

The Bike module has simplified the invoice list to four options, two each for 80-column and 40-column printers.

Invoice #1 – Standard Dot-Matrix (80-column)

Figure 16-11

Invoice #2 – Laser (80-column)


Figure 16-12

Invoice #3 – Standard (40-column)
This invoice is identical to Invoice #9 as seen in  Invoice Samples.

Invoice #4 – Standard (40-column)
This invoice is identical to Invoice #5 as seen in Invoice Samples.