This section will give examples of each invoice type available in MicroBiz. The invoice size (80/40 column) is noted in parenthesis after the invoice name.

  • Most invoice types will include a credit card signature line when a credit card transaction is processed using X-Charge integration.
  • Some invoice selections are only available in certain modules. Each invoice contains brief notes on anything special you might need to know.

Invoice return feature
Some invoices will print with a barcode in the lower-left corner. This barcode can be scanned at the Front Register to enter "Invoice Return" mode. This is a secure way of returning items, as the system will not allow you to return an item unless it is contained within the original invoice.

This feature can also be used by entering "IR" at the Front Register (without quotes) and browsing to the invoice or entering the invoice number desired.

Pre-printed Invoice Forms
Some invoice types are designed for use with specific pre-printed forms. This is noted where applicable.
Forms can be purchased from:

  • NEBS: (888) 823-6327

Invoice #1 – Standard (80)

  • A recommended invoice type for standard retail businesses.
  • This invoice type has the return barcode and is for use with an inkjet or laser printer.


Figure 15-4 

Invoice #2 – Form LaserOne 30521 (80)

  • This invoice type has a layout designed for use with a pre-printed form (LaserOne 30521) and includes the return barcode.


Figure 15-5

Invoice #3 – Form LaserOne 30511, NEBS 12344 (80)

  • For use with the following forms: LaserOne 30551, NEBS 12344.
  • This invoice type includes the return barcode.


Figure 15-6

Invoice #4 – RapidForms 26735 (80)

  • For use with the following form: RapidForms 26735.


Figure 15-7

Invoice #5 – 40-column without header (40)

  • A simple 40-column receipt.


Figure 15-8

Invoice #6 – New 40-column with Signature & Barcoded Invoice # (40)

  • A recently updated 40-column receipt.
  • This invoice type is for use with a graphics-capable printer and includes the return barcode.


Figure 15-9

Invoice #7 – RapidForms ZF3051, MicroBiz 46513 (80)

  • For use with the following form: RapidForms ZF3051, MicroBiz 46513.

Figure 15-10

Invoice #8 – NEBS 9057, Rapid ZF2455V, MicroBiz 2455S (80)

  • For use with the above-mentioned forms and a dot-matrix printer.


Figure 15-11

Invoice #9 – Standard 40-column (40)

  • The standard receipt for retail businesses using smaller printers.


Figure 15-12

Invoice #10 – MicroBiz Form 30511, NEBS 12344 (80)

  • This invoice type uses the above-mentioned forms.


Figure 15-13

Invoice #11 – NEBS 9040 (80)

  • Uses the NEBS 9080 form for dot-matrix printers.


Figure 15-14

Invoice #12 – 40-column with Card Signature Portion (40)

  • A basic 40-column invoice.
  • The signature line will print when processing a credit card transaction with X-Charge (the same is true for most invoices).


Figure 15-15

Invoice #13 – NEBS 9059 (80)

  • Uses the NEBS 9059 form.
  • Will print return barcode when an inkjet/laser printer is used.


Figure 15-16

Invoice #14 – 40-column Invoice with List/Discount (40)

  • This invoice type adds the "Suggested List" price of all loaded items and reports the difference between the total and the amount charged.

Figure 15-17

Invoice #15 – 40-column Invoice With or Without Header (40)

  • 40-column invoice that will include or omit the header (The company and customer information at the top of the receipt) depending on the setting under Management, Customize, Print Settings.


Figure 15-18

Invoice #16 – NEBS 9040 Full Sheet (80)

  • Designed for use with the above-mentioned form.


Figure 15-19

Invoice #17 – Instant 40-column Invoice (40)

  • A very basic 40-column receipt.


Figure 15-20

Invoice #18 – Yet Another Standard Blank (80)

  • Similar to Invoice #1 with a slightly different design. For use with inkjet/laser printers.


Figure 15-21

Invoice #19 – Standard Blank Service Invoice (80)

  • This invoice type is only available to service module users.
  • Designed for use with a dot-matrix printer.


Figure 15-22

Invoice #20 – Yet Another Standard Blank Service Invoice (80)

  • The recommended 80-column invoice for service module users (only available in service modules).
  • For use with inkjet/laser printers.


Figure 15-23

Invoice #21 – Standard 40-column Service Invoice (40)

  • Recommended 40-column receipt for service module users (only available in service modules).


Figure 15-24