MicroBiz makes it easy to create mailing labels based on your stored data. This feature is accessed from the Main Menu by choosing Reports | Mailing Labels.

  • Retail Options – Gives the filter options shown in Figure 14-20 above.
  • Service Options – Gives different filter options. 
    • Instead of Last Active, Balance Due, Best Customers and Today's Invoices,
      the options are Service1-4 Due.
  • Every Customer – Selects all customers for printing mailing labels. 
    • The four fields at the bottom of the screen can also filter results. For example,
      if a customer is saved without an address and the third option at the bottom is
      not selected, no label will print for that customer.
  • Last Active – Allows you to set a date range to select customers by purchase date.
  • Balance Due – Selects all customers with a current balance due (Business Controller Plus users only).

Figure 14-33

  • Best Customers – Allows you to select all customers that have spent over a given amount.
  • Today's Invoices – Selects all customer's with invoices processed since the last Close Out.
  • Customer Name – With this option enabled, mailing labels will include the customer's name on the label.
  • Company Name – With this option enabled, the customer's company name will be printed as well.
  • ...No Address – With this option enabled, customers with no address saved will still be selected.
  • ...No ZIP Code – With this option enabled, customers with no ZIP code saved will still be selected.
  • Set Filter – Allows you to set additional filters for selecting customers.
  • Generate Labels – Starts the printing process. 
    • Allows you to print straight to a printer, save to a file, or preview on the computer screen.
  • Exit – Closes the Mailing Labels window.
  • Select Label Type – Allows you to choose the label size/type.


Bin Labels

MicroBiz can also print Bin Labels, AKA "Shelf Tags." Please see Bin Labels for more details on this feature.