Customer List

Under the Reports menu you can open the Customer List report form, where you can see all or some of your customers at a glance, and print out lists whenever you want.

Figure 8-13

Customer Lists may be printed in order of Last Name, Company Name, ZIP/Postal Code, How Heard Code or Class/Area (e.g. Tax by Area location). Filter criteria may be entered for any these fields. Report information includes Name, Company, City, State, Phone #, Last Activity, Discount, Check Approval.

Mailing Labels

This function allows you to print or create Mailing Labels for your customers.

Best Customers

This report covers the customers that have purchased the most in Total Purchases or YTD Purchases or MTD Purchases, your choice.

Worst Customers 

This report covers the customer that have a Total Purchases or YTD or MTD purchases less than a set value.

Sales/Marketing Source

Figure 8-11

MicroBiz can store "How Heard Codes" so you can keep track of how your customers are finding your business.

You can run a "Sales Source Report" (accessible under Reports, Sales Source) to to find out which How Heard Code is recorded for each customer in a couple of ways, depending on your personal preference:

  1. Sales Source at Time of Sale – You can set up MicroBiz to ask for the How Heard Code before completing each sale.
    • To use this method effectively, you should enable "Enter Shipping Information at F9" under Management, Customize, Print Settings.
  2. Customer's Original Source – You can enter each customer's How Heard Code with the rest of their information at the Add/Edit Customer screen.
    • You can do both of these, as either report is always available to you.

The How Heard Maintenance window has the following options:

  • Code – The short name MicroBiz uses to identify the How Heard category.
  • Description – The full description of the How Heard category.
  • Order By – All How Heard categories are sorted by their Code, but you can enter a search term in the box to the right to jump to a specific one.
  • Help – Displays the context-specific help window (always accessible by pressing F1 on your keyboard).
  • Edit – Allows you to make changes to the currently selected How Heard Code.
  • Add – Allows you to create a new How Heard Code.
  • Delete – Deletes the currently selected How Heard Code.
  • Close – Closes the How Heard Codes window.