When generating most reports you will be presented with the "Preview" window.  Within this preview window you will find various controls to print your report or export the report to another program (see Figure 12-2). This feature allows you to specify the way that you view and/or save the report. It contains the following options:

  • Printer Icon –Choosing this option will send the report directly to the Report Printer, as specified under Management | Custom System Settings | Hardware and Printer Settings | Printers Tab.
    • If the report to be printed is more than one page long, you will have the option to print all pages or a page range of your choosing.
  • Print to File –You can choose to print your report to a Word, PDF, or EXCEL file.
    • The filename is specified in the print dialog window.
    • Your report will be saved in the local downloads folder.
  • Binoculars – Allows you to search within the report for a particular value.
  • Page Advance/Return – This function advances you to the next page or returns you to the previous page.  You can also advance to the last page or the first page.  These functions only work once the report is completely drawn to your screen.
  • Exit – This option closes the preview of the report.

Figure 12-2