The Quote feature is used to give a customer invoice information without actually completing the sale. Conventionally, no money is taken on a Quote, however it is possible to take a deposit when saving the invoice (just like with an IIP).
The "Quote Other Entries" window is just like "IIP Other Entries." The "Quotes" window is just like the "IIPs" or "Layaways" windows described above. The main difference between Quotes and the other saved invoices is that items saved to a Quote are not considered "committed", which means that the system will disregard Quotes when considering an item's availability.
To create a Quote:

  1. From the Front Register, load a customer and any item desired.
  2. Type "QU" (without the quotes) in the SKU Box (lower-left corner) and press Enter.
  3. Set any options desired on the Quote Other Entries window (see section above on IIPs for details), and then choose "Done/Save" to save the Quote.