Layaways are just like IIPs, but require a deposit. The minimum deposit, as a percentage, can be set in Management | Custom System Settings | Transaction Settings | Finance Charges Tab.  Any payments made against a Layaway, will be displayed as a separate line on the Front Register (see Figure 11-6 below).

Figure 11-6

To create a Layaway:

  1. From the Front Register, load a customer and any item desired.
  2. Type "LA" (without the quotes) in the SKU Box (lower-left corner) and press Enter.
  3. Set any options desired on the Layaway Other Entries window (see section above on IIPs for details), and then choose "Done/Save" to save the Layaway.
    • If the amount tendered is less than the minimum deposit percentage then the system will alert you and not let you save the Layaway.

Like IIPs, MicroBiz will alert you to outstanding invoices when a customer is loaded to the Front Register. To view outstanding layaways, type "LA" into the SKU Box. A window similar to the "IIPs" window will appear, giving you the same capabilities but pertaining only to layaways for the currently loaded customer. 

Layaway List

This window will display all outstanding layaways by customer. From here, you can print the layaway report.

Figure 11-7

  • Layaway List Frame –The upper part of this window lists all outstanding Layaways.
    • Select an invoice from this frame to display the contents in the frame below.
  • Layaway Contents Frame – Displays the contents of the currently selected Layaway.
  • Order By – Allows you to change the display order of the Layaway List.
  • Look for... – Allows you to enter a Customer Number for quick searching.
  • Print – Generates the Layaway Report.
  • Close – Closes the Layaway List window.