The Invoice In Progress (IIP) feature is used to create and save an invoice without the sale being finalized. This is an easy way for MicroBiz users to put a sale on hold while you take care of other things (like processing other sales, for example) without losing the invoice data.
When an inventory item is stored in an IIP it is considered "committed", which means that although it is currently in stock, it may not be available for sale. You can require an item to have available quantities in stock before loading to the Front Register (or just have the system warn you) with the following settings (see Figure 11-1 below):

  • Warn when selling... –If enabled, MicroBiz will check the availability of an item before loading to the Front Register.
    • If neither of the following options are enabled then the system will warn you about available quantities, but not disallow users from selling committed items.
  • Allow Sale When Quantity = 0 – If turned off, the system will not let you sell an item if it is not in stock.
  • Allow Sale of Committed Quantity – If turned off, the system will not let you sell an item if it is unavailable (the quantity loaded to the Front Register must be less than the quantity on hand minus the quantity committed).

Figure 11-1


Figure 11-2

You can view the quantity in stock and quantity committed on any item by selecting it in the Product Lookup window and choosing the "Explode" option. To create an IIP:

  1. From the Front Register, load a customer and any item desired.
  2. Type "IIP" (without the quotes) in the SKU Box (lower-left corner) and press Enter.
  3. Set any options desired on the IIP Other Entries window (see below for details), and then choose "Done/Save" to save the IIP.
  • Print Invoice – Allows you to choose whether or not to print a receipt.
  • Print Prices – If disabled, the item prices will not appear on the receipt.
  • Print Shop Name – If disabled, your Shop Name will not appear on the receipt.
  • Blank Form – Included for backward-compatibility and should not be used.
  • E-Mail – If enabled, MicroBiz will generate an e-mail with the receipt as an attachment.
  • Clerk – Displays the Employee ID of the user processing the IIP.
  • IIP Date Due –Allows you to set a due date for the IIP.
    • The default value for this field is set under Management | Custom System Settings | Transaction Settings | Finance Charges Tab, "Days to Resolve an IIP/WIP."
    • You can run reports on IIPs and filter or sort by due date by opening Reports, IIPs.
  • Due At – Allows you to set a precise time due, which will be the current time by default.
  • Total Amount – Displays the total for this invoice.
  • Deposit (if any) – Allows you to take a deposit on the IIP.
  • IIP Status –You can create and set IIP Status Codes here, which can be used for various functions.
    • The Status Code and description is displayed on the IIPs window (when loading saved IIPs).
    • You can use this to record the reason an invoice was saved, to remind you about something specific to this IIP, etc.
  • Report Heading –Allows you to write to the receipt header.
    • This only applies to invoice types that support headers.
  • Additional Notes to Print – Allows you to write notes on the receipt.
  • Copies – Allows you to set the number of receipt copies to be printed.
  • Set Printer/Invoice Type – Provides a shortcut to Hardware/Printer Settings.
  • Done/Save – Completes the IIP transaction.
  • Change Address – Allows you to change the Ship To information for this specific IIP receipt.
  • Cancel – Cancels the IIP process and returns you to the Front Register.

Figure 11-3


When a customer is loaded to the Front Register, MicroBiz will notify you of IIPs by displaying "Check IIP/WIP..." in the lower part of the customer frame (see Figure 11-3). To view the "IIPs" window for this customer, simply type "IIP" into the SKU Box.

Figure 11-4

The "IIPs" window (shown above) will display any invoices in progress in the top section of the screen, and the contents of the invoice in the bottom section.

  • Ref #s – All IIPs shown here are sorted by "Reference Number", however you can select what order with this setting.
  • Ask for Reference... –With this option checked, you can load IIPs by typing the Reference Number instead of clicking on a specific IIP from the list.
    • If enabled, you can click "Load/Edit" and then type in the Reference Number to load the IIP desired.
    • If disabled, you can click on the IIP to select it and then choose "Load/Edit" to load the IIP.
  • Status – Displays the Status Code entered at the IIP Other Entries screen when this IIP was saved.
  • Close – Closes the IIPs window.
  • Load/Edit –Loads the currently selected IIP to the Front Register for processing.
    • If you load an IIP to the Front Register then it is technically no longer an IIP. To turn it into an IIP once again, just type IIP into the SKU Box as usual.

Once the IIP is loaded to the Front Register it is no longer saved!

  • Pay – Allows you to take a payment on the IIP directly from this window.

It is recommended to use this feature for making partial payments only. When paying off an IIP, the Load/Edit button should be used to complete the sale from the Front Register.

  • Remove – Deleted the currently selected IIP.
  • Copy to Front Register –Makes a copy of the currently selected IIP to the Front Register.
    • This is similar to Load/Edit, but it will keep the IIP saved as well.