For Business Controller Plus users, MicroBiz can track store credit for each of your customers. This can be used for issuing refunds, customer promotions, etc.
You can check a customer's current credit balance from the Edit a Customer window. There are a couple ways to get there... 

  1. From the main menu:
    1. Click on Customers | Add/Edit Customers
    2. Select a customer, then click on Edit
  2. From the Front Register:
    1. Load a customer
    2. Click on F8-Cust

Figure 10-10

From The Edit a Customer window, choose the Account tab.

  • Credit Balance –Displays the current credit balance for this customer.
    • The credit balance for the currently loaded customer will also be displayed in the upper-right hand corner of the Front Register.

To redeem store credit:

  1. Open the Front Register.
  2. Load a customer.
  3. Load the desired items.
  4. Choose F9-Print to get to the Tender screen.
  5. For the tender type, choose "7 – Store Credit", then click OK.
    • If the customer has enough store credit then the transaction should be complete and the total should be subtracted from the customer's credit balance.
    • If the customer doesn't have enough store credit available then the system will alert you and display the current credit balance. After you click OK, you can enter the credit balance into the "Tender 1" field and choose another tender type for the rest of the total.

To issue store credit:

  1. Open the Front Register.
  2. Load a customer.
  3. Enter "CREDIT" into the SKU box (without the quotes), then press Enter.
  4. On the "Enter Credit Amount" screen (Figure 10-11), enter the Credit Amount desired, make sure that Credit is selected under "Apply To" and click on the Okay button.
  5. Choose the tender type desired and complete the sale as usual.

Figure 10-11

You can also apply a return/void to store credit by selecting "7 – Store Credit" from the Tender screen when completing the transaction.