The Purchase Orders window will show all outstanding purchase orders. From here, you can receive the items and/or edit the contents of any outstanding order.

Figure 9-4

  • Outstanding Purchase Orders (upper-left frame) –Displays all outstanding purchase orders.
    • Click on a purchase order here to display the vendor information in the window to the right and the order contents in the window below.
  • Vendor Information (upper-right frame) – Displays vendor information for the currently selected purchase order.
  • Order Contents (bottom frame) – Displays the contents of the currently selected purchase order.
  • Help – This button displays the help screen (always accessible via F1).
  • Edit PO – Allows you to edit the details of the currently selected purchase order (PO).
  • New PO – Allows you to create a new purchase order.
  • Delete – Deleted the currently selected purchase order.
  • Close – Closes the Purchase Orders window.
  • Print – Prints a copy of the selected purchase order.
  • Receive – Begins the receiving process so you can complete the selected purchase order.
  • Filter Items – Allows you to enter search criteria to shorten the list of items.
  • Filter PO – Allows you to enter search criteria to shorten the list of purchase orders.

Receive Miscellaneous

Using this option, you can receive items without having created a purchase order in advance.

This window looks just like Figure 9-3 and has the same options.

Receive Purchase Order – Walkthrough

If you have created your purchase orders beforehand using the Reorder List or Order by Vendor methods, then your order will be waiting for you in MicroBiz when your items come in.
Here's how to receive an order:

  1. From the main menu, click in Inventory, Purchase Orders, Edit/Receive Purchase Order.
  2. From the Purchase Orders window, click on the desired purchase order from the upper-left frame.
    • All outstanding orders should be listed here. You can scroll up or down if needed.
    • See the section on Edit/Receive Purchase orders above for more details.
  3. With your purchase order selected, you should see the order contents in the bottom frame. Click on the Receive button in the lower-right to open the Receive Order window.
  4. From this screen, you can edit any items if needed and complete the order. Choose F9-Print to receive the items.
  5. When prompted to enter the Vendor's Invoice Number, you can type in the order number provided by your vendor, leave it blank, or choose Cancel to go back to the Receive Order window. Choose Okay to proceed.
    • Once you click Okay on this screen you cannot cancel the receiving process.
  6. When prompted to print the Receiving Report, you can click Yes to print the report before proceeding, or click No to skip this step.
    • The receiving report can only be generated at this prompt.
    • See Figure 9-5 for a sample Receiving Report.
  7. After the Receiving Report prompt, MicroBiz will give you the chance to print bar code labels for your received items.
    • It is not necessary to print at this time, but many users find it convenient to do so while receiving the items into inventory.
    • Choose the label type and enter the number of labels to print per item, then click on the Make Labels button to print labels from here. See Barcode Price Tags/Label for more details on label printing.
    • Choose the No Labels button if you do not wish to print labels at this time.
  8. After the Create Labels window, your order is complete!

Figure 9-5