Each of your customers' history is available to you from the Customer Lookup window by selecting the customer, and then clicking on the History Button. You can also access the Customer History for the currently loaded customer at the Front Register by typing "CH" in the SKU box (in the lower-left).

Figure 8-12

The top section is the list of invoices for the selected customer. The middle section will show the products on the invoice chosen in the top section. The bottom section shows the payment information for the invoice chosen in the top section. Clicking on the Checks button at the bottom will change the bottom section from payment info to check info for that invoice.

What the buttons do:

  • View – Click on this button to change the order in which the invoices are displayed.
    • This button will display "Olds 1st" or "News 1st" depending on the current state of the top section of this window.
  • Look Up – Allows you to search for an invoice by date range, invoice # and/or keyword.
    • When you enter a date range it will also apply the date range to the customer history report.
  • Home – Jumps to the first invoice.
  • End – Jumps to the last invoice.
  • Checks – Switches the bottom section of the Customer History window from Payment data to Check details.
    • Once you click on this button, it will change to "Account" and you can click on it again to switch back to the Payment data.
  • Report – Click here to generate a printable report out of the Customer History data.
    • You can enter a date rage for this report by selecting look up first and entering a date range there.
  • Load to Front Register –Click here to load the currently selected invoice data to the Front Register.
    • This option will only be available if the Front Register is already open.
  • Ship Data – Allows you to edit the current shipping information on the currently selected customer.
  • Re-Print – Allows you to reprint the currently selected invoice.
    • This option will only be available if the Front Register is already open.
  • Quit – Closes the Customer History window.