A Price Scheme is a more  advanced way to set up promotions within MicroBiz. Price Schemes can be made to apply to several items at once, and provide more options than the basic promos feature.

Figure 6-10

To view, add or edit all available Price Schemes:

  1. Open the Product Lookup window by clicking on Inventory, Add/Edit Inventory.
    • The Product Lookup window is also available at the Front Register by choosing F3.
  2. Select an item that you would like to add or remove from a Price Scheme.
    • If you aren't planning on adding/removing an item then skip this step, as you can deny adding/removing selected items from the Price Scheme.
  3. From the "Select Other Function" menu at the bottom, choose option 1 to assign the selected item to a Price Scheme or option 2 to remove the item from a Price Scheme.
    • You can also access Price Schemes from the Promos tab if you click Edit to access the Product edit window.
  4. All Price Schemes should now be displayed in a window. You have several options from here, including:
    • Code – Click here to sort all Price Schemes by their "Code" (name).
    • Desc – Click here to sort all Price Schemes by their description.
    • Look – This opens the search window for finding a specific Price Scheme.
    • Wild – This opens the wildcard search window (this search window allows you to enter partial names).
    • Add – Create a new Price Scheme.
    • Edit – Edit the currently selected Price Scheme.
    • Remove – Delete the currently selected Price Scheme.
    • Quit – Close the Price Scheme window.
    • Members – Click here to display all items associated with the selected Price Scheme.
    • Clear Search Criteria – This button is only displayed after you use the Look or Wild features. Click here to display all Price Schemes.
  5. Click on a Price Scheme to select it, then click on Edit to modify the Price Scheme.
  6. Go through the next section for details on each option when adding or editing Price Schemes.

    **Alternatively you can view all of the price schemes by opening the pricing tab within Management | Custom System Settings | Transaction settings.
  1. Price Scheme Code – 
    Similar to the SKU for items, this is how each Price Scheme is identified. 
    • Auto Assign Code – 
      This option is available when adding new Price Schemes. When enabled, MicroBiz will
      use the naming convention "PRSCHEM1X" (where "1X" means Price Scheme "1")
      to name them for you.
  2. Description – You can use this field for an extended description.
  3. Break Code – Choose whether this Price Scheme gives discounts
    based on quantity sold or total amount spent.

Figure 6-11

  • Some parts of this window are color-coded to help you see what settings are grouped together. As you can see at the bottom of the screen (blue text), the two options here are "Q" for Quantity or "A" for Amount.
  1. Break Value – This setting determines at what point the discount will be given. 
    • If the Break Code is set to Quantity and you set a Break Value of 2, then the discount will apply once a customer purchases 2 of items associated with this Price Scheme.
    • If the Break Code is set to Amount and you set a Break Value of $10.00, then the discount will apply once a customer purchases $10.00 worth of items associated with this Price Scheme.
  2. Reduce Code – Choose whether to give a discount as a percentage off the total, or a predefined price. 
    • This option is only applicable when using the Break Code of Q for Quantity. When using Break Code A for Amount, only the Reduce Code of D is available.
    • As shown in red at the bottom of the screen, you can choose "D" for a discount percentage, or "P" for a reduced price that you specify.
  3. Quantity Price – The promotional price for multiple items. 
    • This option is only used when P for Reduced Price is used as the Reduce Code.
    • The price listed here is the total for the Break Value. The "Sale Price" will automatically be calculated as the "Quantity Price" divided by the "Break Value."
  4. Percent Discount/Sale Price – Represents the final discount for this promotion by percentage or sale price (whichever applies). 
    • The display name of this option will be "% Discount", unless your promotion uses P as the Reduce Code.
  5. Startdate – Enter the date you would like this Price Scheme to start to take effect (i.e. the first day of the sale).
  6. Enddate – Enter the last date you would like this Price Scheme to take effect (i.e. the last day of the sale).
  7. Minimum Break Value – Used to further restrict the promotion to a minimum number of sales. 
    • This feature is planned for a future release of MicroBiz and is not functional in 13.5.0.
  8. Save – Click here to save your settings and exit the current window.
  9. Cancel – Click here to exit the current window without saving.