This is where you can manage your own data fields for items, and assign Alternate SKUs.

Figure 6-8

  • PFields 1-5 – These are used to create your own data fields for collecting information that is not normally stored by MicroBiz.
    • You can double-click directly on the labels (right where it says "PField1", for example) to change the display text.
    • These fields are especially useful when used with the Query tool in MicroBiz.
    • For more information on Queries, see Query Reports.
  • Item Picture – Displays the location of the image file that is associated with the currently selected item, if applicable.
  • Alternate SKUs – Click on this button to manage Alternate SKUs for the currently selected item.
    • If an item has at least one Alternate SKU, then you can enter any of the SKUs for this item at the Front Register to load the item.
    • Alternate SKUs are only applicable at the Front Register by default. You can add a column in the Product Lookup window for Alternate SKU if desired, which will give you the ability to search for Alternate SKU using the "Wild" feature.
    • For another type of "Alternate SKU" that can be used at the Front Register and the Purchase Order screen, see "Vendor SKU and Alternate Vendor SKU" in the section above for the Vendors tab.