If the currently selected item is set as a Rental, you can access this tab to manage some of its features.

Figure 6-7

  • Currently Rented Out – This will be checked if the item is currently checked out. This is just a display and cannot be altered from here.
  • Date Last Rented – Tells you the last time this item was checked out.
  • Last Customer to Whom Rented – The upper window displays the Customer Number, and the lower window displays the customer's name.
  • Date Due Back – Due date for this item, if checked out.
  • Maintenance Interval – MicroBiz can alert you to check an item for maintenance based on the frequency of rental.
    • For example, if the Maintenance Interval is set to 3, then after three rentals the item will be due for maintenance.
    • MicroBiz will warn you that the item is due for service when someone attempts to rent the item, if applicable. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the "Usage Counter" each time a rental item that requires maintenance is checked in.
  • Usage Counter – Used in conjunction with the Maintenance Interval setting, the Usage Counter will count the number of times an item has been rented since the counter was last reset.
    • To use this feature correctly, click on the Reset button each time you inspect the item (once the maintenance interval has been reached). This is how MicroBiz knows that an item is due for maintenance.