This feature is for those have enabled backorders within MicroBiz. To do this, go to Management | Custom System Settings | Global Settings | Backorders, and enable "Allow Backorders on Invoices." Clicking on "Fill Backorders" will no longer open the "Fill Backorders" display from the Daily Menu, but the window is still available by entering the Front Register and typing "FILL" in the SKU box. This will open a display that shows you all outstanding backorders, and gives you the ability to:

  • View Pending POs – A shortcut to your Purchase Order screen so you can see if any items on backorder are coming in soon.
  • Fill Order – Select a customer and complete the backorder with on-hand items.
  • Edit Order – Allows you to change outstanding backorders.
  • Cancel Order – Allows you to delete outstanding backorders.
  • Exit – Closes the "Fill Backorders" window.