These settings are critical for the protection of the management areas of the program.

Figure 4-2

Select Edit Security Level from the Management menu. This window allows you to change the Security Level for most of the various functions within the MicroBiz system. Keeping in mind that Security Level "0" (zero) is the highest level that can be attained, for each area of the system, set the level that will prohibit unauthorized personnel from modifying that system function. As an example, for any area in the list, if you only want employees with a zero level clearance to be able to access a function, set it's Security Level to zero. An employee with a Security Level clearance of 40 would not be able to get into an area that has been coded as a level of zero. Level 99 means that no security clearance is required, and all users can access the function.Look at each of the entries and determine what level of security you want to assign to each one. If you determine that, for instance, you only want a highest level user to run the "Closeout," then change the default setting from "99" to "0."