Changing these settings can dramatically affect the way the business controller is presented to the user. If your system is not functioning as it should, please contact MicroBiz Technical Support.

The Business Model is selected when first installing MicroBiz, but you have the ability to change this here:

  1. Click on the model description.
  2. Then click on Okay. (You have currently selected the appropriate Business Model. To confirm your selection the name will appear in the upper-left part of your Front Register).

The various Business Models, other than the Standard Retail Model, will allow you to track items owned by your customers and the services you provide for each item, whether it be a shoe, a car, etc. If you do not need this specific tracking, choose the Standard Retail Model.
For more information on various MicroBiz modules, see Article - Other Modules.

It is recommended that all workstations on a network use the same Business Model.