This setup window will allow you to configure your X-Charge integrated credit/debit/gift card processing, as well as your MicroBiz Station ID. There are a few options that aren't covered here, which should only be changed with the aid of a MicroBiz Support Technician.

MicroBiz v16 integrates with X-Charge using the "ExpressLink" method. This is a more secure method of processing credit/debit cards that requires X-Charge installed on each system accepting Credit and/or Debit Cards. **EMV is also supported via X-Charge with approved EMV hardware. EMV data will print on all receipts when X-Charge is enabled regardless if you have EMV hardware or not.

Credit Card Equivalent Settings
By default, this option will be set to US. Canadian users can choose "Canada/Int'l" to enable support of the Verifone SC5000 PIN pad device.

Canadian Debit processing requires a specific account created through X-Charge and the use of the VeriFone SC 5000 PIN pad.

X-Charge ExpressLink User ID/Password
By default, the User ID/Password is set to POS/MBZ. Please update these settings to match those in the X-Charge Security setup so you are not prompted to enter the user/password each time a credit or debit card transaction is processed from MicroBiz. If X-Charge is configured to use a different user/password (or none at all), these settings can be changed as needed.

Activate X-Charge Credit Authorization
Enable this option to turn X-Charge integration on. With this option unchecked, MicroBiz will still allow you to accept credit card sales, but they must be processed outside of MicroBiz (using a standalone terminal, for example) as well.

Activate Gift Card Authorization
Enable this option to integrate X-Charge gift card processing with MicroBiz. Gift Cards must be enabled in X-Charge for this setting to work.

Activate Debit Card Authorization
Enable this option to integrate debit card processing (ATM, where the customer enters their PIN code) with X-Charge. The "Pinpad / Sig-Cap Device" must be configured for debit card and EMV transactions.

Autoprocess X-Charge/ExpressLink
This option depends on the hardware being used. If you are using a pinpad device this option will usually call the pinpad device via F12 when Xpresslink opens, yet you may not see this visually on the screen. Swipe when ready and follow the prompts. If you experience MicroBiz Application go white, it is because it is waiting for the X-Charge response. Please continue with X-Charge and MicroBiz will continue when the response is complete.

Seconds to wait before calling ExpressLink
This determines the delay before the X-Charge window is opened to process the credit/debit card or gift card. The default value is 2 ( seconds ) and can be changed to 1 or 3 if desired, much more of a delay can cause a timeout on your pinpad device.

Station ID
Click the Browse Station IDs button to get a list of currently connected MicroBiz workstations. You can manually enter a unique numerical Station ID using up to 5 digits here.

PinPad / SigCap Device
The currently enabled PIN pad device will be displayed on the large button here. You can click this button to select and/or configure your PIN pad device to be used with X-Charge debit card processing.  This uses the same settings that X-Charge uses but both X-Charge and MicroBiz must be setup independently.