Help is always available here!

User Manual
Provides a shortcut to the MicroBiz v16 User Manual. This can also be opened from the Main Menu or Front Register by pressing Alt+N.

Remote Desktop Support
 Use this option to get technical support a passcode to login to your computer for remote assistance.  You must be online for this option to work.  *Known compatibility issues when running TightVNC already prior to using this option.

About This Program
Opens the “about” window, found in most applications. This shows the current version and build dates of the application, also found in the title bar and on the main menu combined.

License Agreement
Selecting this button displays the disclaimer for MicroBiz users.

MicroBiz Training Video
The MicroBiz Training Video is another great resource for learning to use the MicroBiz system! Choose this option to launch the video program where you can select a topic, and get helpful advice on how to use a feature.

Activate Training Mode/Sample Data
Use this function for training purposes, not really needed for experienced MicroBiz users.  However, this feature is nice when hiring a new employee.  Activating Training Mode allows the new hire to play around with the system, learning how to accept a sale, add a customer, add a product etc., without interfering with the live database or other registers!

Activate Active Mode/Live Data
This allows the user to deactivate the training database and go back to their Live data folder.