Within the Tools menu, there are several features that are used to import or export data from MicroBiz.  We also use the tools to clean and pack the MicroBiz databases.  This clean and pack should be done twice a month on a minimum level.

Query Records
Select specific data to create customized exports or reports.

  • Data Dictionary

  • Query Manager

  • Rebuild Index Files

See Chapter 13 for more details about this feature.

Update Item Records via CSV File
This feature allows you to import a list of products into MicroBiz regardless if they are already there or not. If importing an item where the SKU exists, the information behind that record is what is updated in the database. If the item does not exist via that SKU, then a new record is created.

Reindex/Clean and Pack, etc.
Cleaning and packing will ensure that the system functions properly at all levels. Use these functions to improve system performance.

  • Customers

  • Product

  • History

  • Miscellaneous

  • All Files Above

  • Recalc Customer Buckets

  • Recalc Customer Balance Due

  • Recalc Customer Credit Balances

  • Recalc Product Buckets

  • Recalc Product Backorder Quantities

Duplicate Files Check
A utility to be used periodically for proper file control. Each of your data files should only be in one folder at a time. Any duplication can cause improper data control.

Scan For Corrupt Files
A utility to alert you to corrupt data files. An important feature to be used periodically to ensure data accuracy.

Other Tools

Open Other PDF Type File
While using MicroBiz you may want to open a PDF file but not exit MicroBiz.  Simply select this option and find the PDF file to open.

Import Configuration Files
Configuration files can be found within an old BizWin folder.  If you have your old BizWin intact you can use this old folder to update the configuration files within the current installation of MicroBiz.  The configuration files, contain data that control how MicroBiz will function.  These correspond to your custom transaction settings.

Import Old MicroBiz for Windows Data
Import v1 - v8 of MicroBiz Data into the current blank version currently installed.  This will all Customer, Products, End of Day Data, and Charge to Account Balances.  Please note that charge to account balances are summed up into a single open file transaction for any open balances when carried over.  No itemized information will be included, just a carry forward balance and invoice number to associate this balance with.  If you are using v9 or better, you can simply install MicroBiz on top of your existing data.

Print Page Setup
 This is the Windows Page Setup dialog box that allows you to set your portrait or landscape printing preferences.  This is mostly unused as this is capable of being setup directly within the windows printers settings.

Export Data to Accounting Apps
Allows you to export end-of-day data to specific accounting packages.

  • Be sure to setup your Quickbooks Accounts before exporting.
  • Export Vendor Invoices to Quickbooks A/P as well as Closeout Data
    *Allows you to create an .IIF file for a specified date range that is imported manually to Quickbooks.