Allows creation and maintenance of your customer database. Here you can also get statements and balance due reports. You can even create postcards for special mailings of promotions to your customers.

Add/Edit Customers
Clicking this will produce a list of all customers currently saved in MicroBiz. From here, you can get a add customers, edit their information, get customer history reports, etc.

Customer Statement

This takes you directly to the Customer Statement window where you can generate a report on any or all customer accounts.

Balance Due
The Balance Due Reports give you info on any outstanding balances or credits and lets you generate customer statements.

Ship to Addresses 
To be enabled in the future

How Heard Codes Add/Edit

This is the “How Heard Maintenance” screen, where you can manage your categories for recording and keeping track of how customers found your business.

Service Due Postcards
You can print postcards for all customers or those with “service due” from this area.