Reports Menu

MicroBiz helps your business to grow by supplying you with valuable information needed to make better business decisions. Reports are available in a wide variety of ready-to-print formats.  Also with the new v16, reports can now be exported to Excel, Word and PDF.

The following is a brief explanation of each of the Reports Menu and submenus.


Inventory Reports

Inventory Items
Classic Inventory reports covering reports by SKU, Department, Vendor, and more.

Inventory Valuation
This report gives you data on what you have in inventory and how much it is worth. This can be customized for certain dates and/or items, and displays changes in quantity over a period of time.

Serialized Reports
Reports for serialized inventory items.

Last Active
View items that have not been sold or ordered from a certain date.

Vendor Target Inventory
The Vendor – Target Inventory feature helps you generate reports with details on your current and desired inventory by vendor. These reports help relate information about inventory turnaround and what levels of items you would like to keep on hand to your vendors.

Product Reports

Product Movement
This report shows purchase orders and compares them to your on hand stock levels for items based on the date range entered. It can be customized to find items in different ways, and can give purchase order details and/or a summary of quantity and cost of products received.

Product Turnover
Similar to the Product Movement Report, the Product Turnover report also helps you watch how certain products are doing by reporting stock levels, amounts received and sold, etc.

Vendor List
Displays a printable list of all vendors in your MicroBiz system.

This report shows all committed items that may require assembly. The “may require assembly” feature is only available in the Bike Module.

Rentals – Serialized
View all outstanding rental items that have a serial number. For non-serialized rentals, just type rentals at the Front Register.

Maintenance Due
For rental items, this report lets you know what are due for maintenance.



Classic Sales Reports Including Sales by Employee, Department, Vendor, and more.

Invoice in Progress (IIP's)
Get information on any outstanding Invoices in Progress by selecting a date range (report is based on date IIP was saved).

Cost of Goods Display
A simple report that displays the total number of units, the total cost and total retail value of all items in your inventory. Note that this is one big sum of everything and not itemized.

Fast and Slow Moving Products
A fine-tuned report for finding out what products in your MicroBiz system have or have not sold very well.

Layaway List
Displays a list of all customers with outstanding Layaway's and details on each Layaway. You can print reports from here based on this data.

Allows you to generate and print reports on any backordered items.

Sales Graphs
Choose one of the presets or “New Sales Graphs” to browse through these graph presentations of your sales.

Customer Reports

Customer List
The customer list is a report based on all of your saved customers. This can be printed and exported to Excel, Word ( Mail Merge ) and PDF.

Mailing Labels
This feature has many options so you can generate a list of all or certain customers and print mailing labels in a variety of ways.

Best Customers
Get a list of your best customers by searching for a certain percentile or number of customers based on sales for a certain period.

Worst Customers
See who hasn’t purchased anything within a specified number of months.

Sales/Marketing Source
If you keep track of the “How Heard” data for customers, then this is how you gather view all of that useful information.

Tax Reports

Quick reports to assist you in your sales tax filing. These reports include: 

  • Tax Exempt

  • Tax (by) Area

Work Order Reports

Service Due
For users of the Service Module only! Any customers that have a “Next Service” within the date range specified will be in this report, along with some of their details and the service name that is due.

Technicians’ Hours
For users that track services and/or service hours.  For a given date range, view all technicians that have recorded services along with the specific Invoice number, SKU, hours, revenue generated, etc.