The Inventory menu has options to help maintain your inventory on hand, vendors, departments and much more.

Add/Edit Inventory

Input new inventory into your system or modify existing inventory items.

Barcode Printing

Allows for creation of barcode labels for your inventory.

  • LabelWorks Program
  • Eltron Plus 2122/2242/2642 Printer

  • CAM Stryper 100

  • Cognitive Blaster Printer

  • General Bar Code Printer/Games Barcode Printer

  • NiceLabel Label/Bar Code Printing Program

Purchase Orders

This is used for generating purchase orders (receiving merchandise).

  •  Create New Purchase Order
    • Create Reorder List

    • Order By Vendor

  • Edit / Receive Purchase Order

  • Receive Miscellaneous

  • Purchase History Report

  • Re-print Last Created P.O.

  • Re-print Last P.O. Received

  • Receipt History

 For detailed information on this subject, see Purchase Orders article

Price Change
Allows global price changes for inventory items by percent.

Vendor Add/Edit
Add new vendors to your system or modify existing vendors.

Department Add/Edit
Allows you to maintain your various store departments.  Such as men's, or shoes, or electronics.

Reorder List
Generates a re-order list for those items that meet your normal stock and reorder level criteria.

Set up specials or promotions for any inventory item.

Bin Labels
Create labels for your storage bins or “shelf tags.”  These labels do not include barcodes and can be printed with your report printer using Avery Labels.

Manage Product Attributes
Allows you to maintain standard codes for product colors, sizes and styles.  If you have this added to your products because of on import you can refresh values from inventory to automatically build these tables.

  • Color Add/Edit

  • Size Add/Edit

  • Style Add/Edit

  • Refresh Values from Inventory