Add/Edit Password
Add and edit employee passwords and ID information. This information is required if you are going to be controlling the system with security settings.

Edit Security Level
Allows security levels to be set. This information is required when you want to prohibit use of certain system functions for certain personnel.

Change Own Password
Allows the logged-in user access to edit their own password. Using this feature, lower level personnel cannot change their own security level.

Employee Management
Includes employee information: name and address plus activity reports, commission settings and reports, time clock entries, etc.

Custom System Settings
Customization is an important factor in allowing the system to manage your business properly. The following areas must be reviewed and established to maximize the proper use of your MicroBiz system.

  • Print Output Settings ( Formally Print Settings )

  • Transaction Settings
  • Hardware and Printer Settings ( Formally Hardware Settings )
  • Store Address Settings ( Formally Shop Name Ship-to-Data )
  • Credit/Debit Card Settings
  • Global Store Settings ( Formally Global Settings )
  • Business Type Settings ( Formally Business Settings )
  • File Data Path Settings ( Formally Windows Settings )

For detailed information on customizing your software for your business, see Chapter 3.

Physical Inventory (MicroTrak)
Used in conjunction with portable inventory tracking devices during a physical inventory. Using this feature allows you to insert your physical inventory count and automatically update your inventory records.

  • Import Data

  • History Report

Order Shipment Tracking
Allows the user access to the shipping information. It can be sorted in ascending or descending sequence by invoice number.

Use with caution! Call MicroBiz Tech Support before using this function.

Delete Files
Allows for removing all data from system database files. The use of this feature should not be necessary unless you are restarting your system from scratch.  You may be asked to backup your system when selecting some of these options.

Edit End Of Day Data
This is a tool to assist in modifying your end-of-day data.  This is the window that shows just before printing your Ins/Outs during closeout.