Front Register
Use the Front Register for transaction processing. Transaction processing is the process where all billing, payments, and adjustments are made to your system.

Close Out
Use the Close Out feature and select your end-of-day reports (*80-Column). There are many reports that can be run, to reflect what has occurred during your business day.

Today’s Sales
Use this function at any time for a quick view of your sales for the day. Here you can display cash and sales figures since your last closeout, as well as print the sales figures.

Reprint Old Invoice
Used to generate additional copies of previous invoices. This is sometimes necessary when original hard copies of invoices are lost.  Fun Fact:  If you change your invoice type, and reprint an invoice with this option, your invoice will print using the new invoice type!

Fill Backorders
This option is used to fill invoiced backorders at the front register.  This option can be selected once you have received a positive qty of the product on backorder.  *This is different than the purchase order backorders.

E-mail Old Invoice
This feature allows you to generate an e-mail with an old invoice of your choice as an attachment.