This article will get you familiar with the MicroBiz Main Menu (the "blue screen").

This is the first screen that you will encounter once MicroBiz has successfully opened. It has the following menu options:

  1. File

  2. Register

  3. Management

  4. Inventory

  5. Reports

  6. Customers

  7. Tools

  8. Help

Clicking on any of the menu options presents a “drop-down” menu, allowing you more options from which to choose. Each of the drop-down menus are also briefly addressed in this article.

Additionally with v16 we have added some shortcut buttons on the Main Menu.

 Log Out:  This is exactly as it sounds.  Selecting this option will exit the program.
Front Register:  This option will take you to what was known as the Work Screen.  This will now be referred to as the Front Register.

Main Menu

The main menu includes a Title Bar (top), the Main Menu bar (located below the Title Bar), two shortcut action buttons (located on the main menu), and section that displays your workstation name, and details about the keyblock and install location (also located on the main menu).

The title bar indicates the name of the application, "MicroBiz Plus for Windows." The version number shows next, then the release date of the application.  This date is updated whenever a new enhancement or fix is released to public.  This will also update the version number to the next highest version in sequence.  The bits shown in the parenthesis include, the Workstation Name and Station Identification number.

At the bottom of the main menu you will find a section that displays your workstation name.  This can be very helpful for large networks as it quickly identifies the computer name your are viewing on your network.

The small window located underneath this contains the serial number of the keyblock in use, the authorized number of users, and the local executable path for MicroBiz.  After this, is the date and time the program was compiled.  This date may change whenever we re-compile the program, and is more for official use.

The Main Menu is located below the Title Bar, and there are a variety of options under each menu item.