Free upgrades are available to users with a current support contract. To get information about support contracts or to purchase an upgrade, please contact MicroBiz Sales at 800-929-8324.

Backup your data before upgrading MicroBiz!  This way, you can always redo the process if needed or restore completely to the way you were prior to the upgrade process.

If upgrading from a previous Windows version of MicroBiz, follow the Reinstalling MicroBiz section above. If you are using a version before 9.0, you may want to contact MicroBiz Support for assistance (call may be billable), just to ensure a smooth transition.  Make sure that your Business folder is on the root of the desired hard drive before upgrading!  For example, if MicroBiz is installed to the C: drive, then the path should be C:\Business and not C:\MicroBiz\Business (or any other subfolder).

If upgrading from a DOS version of MicroBiz, it is advised to perform a “fresh” installation.  Please ensure the folders MicroBiz uses are not already in place.  After installation, use the Import Old MicroBiz for Windows Data utility.  This can be found at Tools | Other Tools |  Import Old MicroBiz for Windows Data.