Should you find the need to reinstall the same version of MicroBiz again (moving PCs, etc.), you can simply move your System Files folder (“Business”) to its new home and install MicroBiz right on top of that. For workstation-specific settings, there is an import utility within MicroBiz that can load your old configuration for you.

Once you have placed your MicroBiz folders in the correct place, this procedure will be just like installing a fresh copy (as outlined above).

For a single workstation or server, copy your Business folder to the root of the hard drive desired (to C:, for example).

When installing MicroBiz to this PC, just make sure to select the same drive letter to which you have copied your data.

To import your workstation settings from a previous installation of MicroBiz, your old Local Files (usually “BizWin”) folder must be accessible from the new installation. For example, you can copy it to the new computer under a different name, place it on a flash drive, access it over your network, etc.

From the MicroBiz Main Menu, choose Tools | Other Tools | Import Configuration Files.

*Alternatively, if you have a copy of your system settings through the Tools | Station Settings | Backup Settings option, you can use the restore tool to re-introduce your station settings.  Exit and re-open MicroBiz for these settings to take effect.

If you import configuration settings, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Yes to continue (or No to cancel), then OK.
  2. Locate and select the folder that contains your previous settings, then choose Select.

For a workstation that is not acting as the server (NOT single users), the Business folder should not be copied (the Business folder should exist on ONE PC ONLY).

Make sure to keep a second protected copy of your data some place other than the PC to which you are installing MicroBiz. This way, you can always redo the process if needed.