Chapter 1 - Installing MicroBiz

Installation Checklist
System Requirements
Installing MicroBiz for the First Time
Registering MicroBiz
Reinstalling MicroBiz
Upgrading MicroBiz

Chapter 2 - The Main Menu

File Menu
Register Menu
Management Menu
Inventory Menu
Reports Menu
Customers Menu
Tools Menu
Help Menu

Chapter 3 - Customizing Your Software

Windows Settings
Print Settings: Invoice Tab

  • Layaway/IIP, Statement, LabelWorks, NiceLabel Tabs

Transaction Settings - "Transactions" Tab

  • Taxes Tab

  • Finance Charges Tab

  • Service Tab

  • Miscellaneous Tab

  • Security Tab

  • Pricing Tab

  • International Tab

Transaction Settings: Module Tab
Transaction Settings: Random Weights Tab
Hardware Settings - "Cash Drawer" Tab

  • Pole Display Tab

  • Printers Tab

  • Coin Changer (Telequip) Tab

  • Magnetic Swipe Devices Tab

Shop Name/Ship-to Data
Credit/Debit Card Settings
Global Settings: Miscellaneous Tab

  • Flex Decimal Tab

  • File Backups Tab

  • Back Orders Tab

Business Type Settings
Setup Wizard

Chapter 4 - MicroBiz Security

Password Add/Edit
Security Levels
Change Password
Employee Control
Employee Commissions

Chapter 5 - The Register Menu

Front Register

  • Input Box Drop-Down Menu

Close Outs
Close Out Walkthrough
Close Out Reports
Today's Sales
Reprint Old Invoice
Fill Backorders
Tech Support
License Agreement
E-mail Old Invoice
Turn On/Off XP Theme

Chapter 6 - The Inventory Menu

Add/Edit Inventory
Product Data Fields

  • Price Levels Tab

  • Vendors Tab

  • Stock Tab

  • Promos Tab

  • Rental Tab

  • Misc Fields Tab

Editing Inventory
How to Add New Items

  • Using the Fast Add Method

Deleting Items
How to Utilize the Rental Feature
Setting Up Price Schemes
Price Change
Vendor Add/Edit
Inventory Reports
Reorder List
Purchase Orders
Bin Labels
Last Active
Serialized Reports
Lookup Table Maintenance

Chapter 7 - Vendors

Vendor Add/Edit

  • Vendor Info Tab

  • Miscellaneous Info Tab

  • Inventory Level Control Tab

Chapter 8 - Customers

Add/Edit Customers
Customer Data Fields

  • Bill To Tab

  • Ship To Tab

  • Account Tab

Customer Data Fields: Miscellaneous Tab

  • User1 Tab

  • User2 Tab

Adding Customer Records
Editing Customer Records
Deleting Customer Records
How Heard Codes Add/Edit
Customer History
Customer List

Chapter 9 - Purchase Orders

Creating New Purchase Orders

  • Create Reorder List

  • Order By Vendor

Creating New Purchase Orders – Walkthrough
Edit/Receive Purchase Order
Receive Miscellaneous
Purchase History Report
Reorder List
Re-print Last Printed P.O.
Re-print Last Printed PO/Misc Receipts
Receipt History

Chapter 10 - Accounts Receivable

House Account/Customer Balance Overview
Finance Charges
Posting Payments
Posting Examples

  • From the Front Register

  • Using the Auto Post Feature

  • Posting Payments Manually

  • Posting Adjustments

  • Posting Credits

  • Posting Examples: Issuing Refunds

Store Credit Overview
Balance Due Reports
Customer Statements
Sample Customer Statement
Recalculating Customer Balance/Credit

Chapter 11 - Invoice in Progress

Invoice In Progress Overview
IIP Reports
Work In Progress Overview
Layaways Overview
Layaway List
Quotes Overview

Chapter 12 - Reports

Reports Overview
Tax Reports
Sales Reports
Product Movement
Product Turnover
Inventory Valuation
Cost of Goods Display
Slow Moving Products
Sales Graphs
Report Modification

Chapter 13 - Queries

Queries Overview
Data Dictionary

  • Database File Examples

Query Manager
Sample Query Walkthrough
Various Query Manager Functions: Run Query Window

  • Edit Record Filter

  • Edit Output Fields

  • Various Query Manager Functions: Pick Output Type
  • Edit Sort Order

Chapter 14 - Labels

Barcode Labels
Printing Barcode Labels Using MicroBiz Only
Printing Barcode Labels Using MicroBiz with LabelWorks
Printing Barcode Labels Using MicroBiz with NiceLabel
Mailing Labels
Bin Labels

Chapter 15 - Invoices

Invoice Modification
Selecting Invoices
Invoice Samples

Chapter 16 - Other Modules

List of Available Modules
Standard Retail Business
Standard Service Business

  • Using Units

  • Due Dates/Miscellaneous Info

  • Service Invoices

  • Tracking Hours

  • Service Reports

Another Service Business, Marina/Boat Yard, Shoe Store, Pet Business
Bike Business

  • Assembly Status

  • Bike Controller Front Register

  • Bike Controller Invoices

  • Bike-alog Import

Liquor Business

  • Importing Liquor Data

  • Using Aggregate SKUs

  • Reports

  • Vintage

  • Bottle Deposits

  • Liquor Controller Front Register

  • Liquor Controller Invoices

  • Bottle Deposits

Liquor Controller: Front Register

  • Liquor Controller Invoices

RV Controller: Front Register

  • Invoices

Games Controller

  • Games Controller Invoice

  • Using the Trade-In Feature

  • Purchasing Games From Customers

  • Trading In Games

  • Wish List

Chapter 17 - Sales Walkthrough

Sales Walkthrough

Chapter 18 - Maintenance

Reindex, Clean & Pack
Recalculate Customer/Product Data
Duplicate Files Check
DBF Scan for Corrupt Files
Query Rebuild Index
Invoice Expansion


Common MicroBiz Terms