There are two types of Keyblocks for MicroBiz®. The oldest type is the Parallel which has been used since MicroBiz® started. Since 2007 we have had a USB keyblock as well. Below you will find a picture of your Keyblock and a place that it would most likely attach to your computer.


The above picture represents what the key will look like by itself. The picture to the right is the area in which you may plug in your keyblock.


The above picture represents the look of the USB keyblock unveiled to MicroBiz® users in 2007. There are several ports in which the USB port can be plugged into. As you can see in the image to the right there are 4 available ports showing. Depending on your computer you may have more in the front or on the side of the computer as well.

In 2016 - A new USB Generation Key was released:

Red Light Showing
There is a small RED led light on this model that does light up when attached to the system. It is not very noticeable however it is there. The older keyblocks had a large GREEN light at the end The light on this generation is more towards the middle.