This entry will provide a walkthrough for setting up the system files path on a client machine.

  1. Click browse to the right of the system files path on the data path setup screen.

    1. If MicroBiz is already open then you can get to the data path setup screen by going to Management > Customize > Windows Settings from the MicroBiz Main Menu.
  2. Now from the system folders screen, scroll up to the Network icon and select the arrow to the left to expand it.

  3. Select your server computer from the list of computers that come up. Some examples of what the server could be named is "SERVER" and "MBZ_SERVER".

    1.  If you do not know the computer name of your server computer then you can go to the server machine and right click on "Computer" in your start menu or desktop and select "properties". This should bring up your system information and you can find the computer name at the bottom of this screen.

  4. Now select the business folder and click OK.

  5. Finally click Save on the data path setup screen and MicroBiz will open.

If you receive an error message after clicking Save, please call technical support at (800) 929-8324 for help.