**Note that this only applies to MicroBiz systems integrated to a supported Credit Card processor or gateway.**

If you have already charged the customer's credit card and now you need to only reflect the sale in MicroBiz® then follow the steps below to update MicroBiz® without sending a payment to your Processor.

  1. From the MicroBiz® Work Screen make sure you have all the items loaded to the work screen and a customer if needed.
  2.  Select F9 from the work screen to produce the payment window.

  3. From this window verify all amounts are correct and select OPTIONS.
  4.  In this options window you should have the ability to uncheck the "Activate X-Charge Credit Authorization" allowing the sale to only affect MicroBiz®. ( This will affect this transaction only )

  5.  Once you have your options set as desired select Close.
  6.  This should take you back to the Payment window where you can click Done / Print. This will finalize your transaction and print your receipt.